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Chesapeake is another independent city sandwiched between Virginia Beach and Suffolk in the Hampton Roads metro area. This city is actually one of the larger in the state and the nation in terms of land area, which provides some fun for government leaders trying to support a large infrastructure. In population, Chesapeake is the third biggest in Virginia, with approximately 215,000 inhabitants. The area manages to keep a balance between modern suburban developments and virgin forests and wetlands.

Part of the
Great Dismal Swamp, along with Lake Drummond, stretches into the southeastern Chesapeake lands. The Swamp is a vast, marshy region shared between southern Virginia and northern North Carolina. Due to the agricultural and commercial processes of man, it is only half the size it used to be. The swamp itself is loaded with history, as it was a hideout for runaway Civil War slaves, has been logged in its entirety, and has been burned by multitudes of wildfires. Lake Drummond has many activities for fishermen, sightseers, and boaters. 

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The city of Chesapeake itself is a fairly new city. It was created in 1963 when the previous independent city of South Norfolk was leveled by fire. Despite this newer city, the land it sits upon is still the land of history. With all of this, Chesapeake has plenty of attractions with golf, waterways, parks, opera, theater, and dining to fulfill all your recreational needs. The biggest cities of Virginia are also close by, along with the Virginia coast, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and Colonial Williamsburg in the north.

Chesapeake is one of the fastest growing cities in Virginia, with a population increase of 20.8% since 1990. The school system is just one reason Chesapeake attracts employers and businesses from around the world. Companies from more than fifteen nations are flourishing in Chesapeake's stable economy that balances a blend of service, agriculture, and industry. Bolstering the city's aggressive labor force are well-trained military people who have found a home in the area and chose to stay after retiring. Chesapeake is a workplace with low unemployment and competitive wages. It is a great place to live.

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